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I was born and raised in central Connecticut where I met my now husband at 12 years old. We grew up falling in love, dancing through high school proms, and exploring new places hand-in-hand.

Along the way, I stumbled across an elective class for photography and, in what felt like the blink of an eye, fell in love and launched my very own business.

Fast forward ten years or so and here we are, with our beautiful daughter, photographing authentic and romantic love all over the world. The opportunity to capture true love is a complete and utter dream; I truly cannot wait to capture yours.



True stories

from JNC couples

I'll keep it real with you: behind every perfect wedding is a story of chaos, logistics, and a team of professionals who made sure the couple was none the wiser. Wedding mishaps may be unavoidable, but they're an opportunity to go above and beyond my role as your photographer and help ensure your day runs smoothly and seamlessly!

Starbucks missed the mark on a bride's wedding morning coffee. A lackluster coffee may be fine any other day, but if you ask me, your wedding day calls for the BEST cup of coffee you've ever had! So on my way to the venue, I stopped by a different Starbucks, sweet-talked the barista, and delivered the bride her perfect coffee (grande caramel macchiato if you were wondering)!

"The Uncaffeinated Bride" 

If there's one universal truth about groomsmen it's this: they have no clue how to pin a boutonnière. Can't say I blame them though, it's pretty tricky business! I've lost count of how many bouts I've pinned over the years—but between grooms, wedding parties, and dads, I'd have to put the number safely around 500!

"No Bouts About It"

Now being a mom myself, I totally get how emotional it can be watching your little girl grow up and get married (I mean, my daughter is a baby and I'm tearing up just thinking about it)! So when a bride's mom needed some help calming down, I gently pulled her aside for some calming breaths and walked her back to the bridal suite once she was cool as a cucumber.

"The Mom Whisperer"

I'll be part of your wedding journey long before the big day. I've found that so many of my couples don't know "what's next" when it comes to their big day planning. I provide ongoing planning guidance, recommendations, as well as support (technical, mental, and emotional) every step of the way. Deep breaths, Jen to the rescue!

"I Don't Even Have a Pla-"

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My daughter and husband are my greatest joys in life. I adore building a life we love together with endless giggles and snuggles along the way.


When it comes to interior paint and design, nothing beats cool cozy tones, rustic subway tile, and plush blankets.


Ice-cream is the ultimate dessert. And the ninja creami will be making it’s way to my home - I can feel it (and am tracking on amazon).


I adore adventure. Climbing Hawaii's stairway to heaven, swimming in Thailands River Kwai, and scuba diving in Bonaire have been the most exceptional experiences.



I woke up to our sneak peek photos and my husband and I were stunned! I still can’t stop looking at all of our photos


Jen is the absolute greatest! Her pictures are amazing, as she captures ALL the moments and more!


The pictures of our wedding of such an excellent quality that they almost look better than I remember


Jennifer is an amazing photographer, great cheerleader, and an awesome friend who really invests her time into her clients


The experience Jen created for us was everything we could ever ask for and more

- rob

onCe-in-a-lifetime moments

captured with passion and joy