My name is Jen. I'm a charismatic wedding and portrait professional specializing in light, bright and colorful imagery. 

I believe in capturing timeless moments with a unique twist so when you're gently paging through your wedding album five, ten or fifty years from now, your hearts will be flooded with just as much passion and love as you had on your wedding day.

Hey! It's me,

Your Wedding Photographer

I married the love of my life, my middle school sweet heart who I met when I was twelve years old.

As far as personality types go, I'm an enneagram 2 wing 3 and an ENFP. Basically I'm an empathetic extrovert born to help, love on and support you on your big day.  Pretty perfect, right?

Thailand takes the cake as my favorite travel destination.

I'm more of a country girl but if I had to live in a city, it'd be  Chicago. San Francisco is a close second.

I have a fraternal twin sister. For the Harry Potter fans out there, my house is Gryffindor and hers is Slytherin... I think that summarizes us perfectly. 

My favorite dessert? Ice-cream. Hands-down. 

I prefer fall over every season and traveling is my absolute favorite past time.

A Few Things About Me

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Maria Feeney

“Jen was so friendly, and overall a breath of fresh air. I trusted her vision 100%, and she Exceeded my expectations. Jen gave me everything I was looking for without me even asking. It was like she knew! She made sure to make me feel comfortable and even hyped me up! I Truly had an amazing experience with Jen and am very grateful.”

spicy mayo is a must.

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my favorite things!

Keep Scrolling to see
my favorite things!

Exploring the ocean. i'm a diver!

singing songs in the car with my husband.

Eating all the pasta (&making some too).

relaxing at home with Harley and Davie.